SLOKY Torque Screwdriverthe only and smallest torque adapter with multi-national patents

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the only and smallest” torque adapter”with multi-national patents.
SLOKY® Torque Screwdriver – Standardize for fastening!

"SLOKY® " comes from the meaning of "SOLO KEY" in Taiwanese dialogue. It is defined from the position of patented adapter in torque screwdriver system as a solo performer.

Patented adapter plays as a solo performer, with a unique feature to build whole product system. The torque's value is setting on the adapter; complied with various bits and handles become torque screwdrivers for tightening or loosening the screw.

Sloky torque screwdriver, a predictable, replaceable and organized tool. It is considering to be used in industrial field having a greatest advantage of "no-over tighten". It prevents the damages of the screw and tool. In addition, it provides a replaceable function to fit with driver bits having different shape and dimensions.

Easily customize from 0.1 to 18Nm with small MOQ required for cutting tools, clamping and fixture, fastener & hardware, micro-technology, 3C device, medical, musical instrument, construction, sports, etc.

Why Torque Control is important?

  • Increased tool life of fasteners.
  • Deliver right tightening force to precise parts, no more over or under tightening.
  • Enhance the function of both tightened parts and connected parts.
  • Allows any user to deliver precision torque control with confidence regardless of task and operator skill level.
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