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[NEW] 5in1 Multi-Torque Adapter

[NEW] 5in1 Multi-Torque Adapter
  5in1 Multi-

Torque Adapter
SLOKY_Adjustable Torque Adapter  
   Torque Control 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Nm  
  • Visually define torque value on adapter.
• 5 in 1 torque control from 2Nm to 6Nm.
• No more over or under tightening on your screw.
• Easy to use for multiple torque requirements.
• Not for loosening
SLOKY_Adjustable Torque Adapter Kit  
       SLOKY_Adjustable Torque Adapter Spec     
  SLOKY_Adjustable Torque Adapter 2-6Nm  
  How to Use:
How to Use Tightening Clockwise Release adapter
• Any 1/4” Hex handle and 1/4”  Hex bits. • Visually determine the torque value during the tightening process.
• Max. 6Nm, tool life test up to 5,000 times
• 5in1 torque adapter is not for loosening.
• Manual operation, not for power tools.
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