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SLOKY Precise Torque Adapter for Dental Milling

SLOKY Precise Torque Adapter for Dental Milling
Dental implant is a common surgery to solve tooth loss problem. With the advent of digitization, the production of tooth molds has also been mechanized and digitized. For dental milling centers, they receive different requests from a wide variety of patients. In order to provide a satisfied and comfortable implant prosthetic, the clamping of tooth mold while machining is important. Precise torque control allows your tooth mold clamping to be more reliable and accurate, especially when milling deep undercuts of large arch restorations or full-mouth prosthetics. They usually require the clamping torque from 0.2Nm to 0.4Nm.

SLOKY application_tooth mold_Dental milling

The first successful application is from a worldwide leader of dental milling machine provider in Japan, they were looking for a solution for a precise clamping of tooth mold to enhance their capability of dental milling. SLOKY  torque adapter is a preset torque adapter, controls precise torque to apply on the clamping screw. With its accurate and stable clamping, the implant prosthetics can get excellent surface finish.

In addition to the precise torque control, “Click” sound is another great advantage of SLOKY torque adapter. The customer said, “No matter which operator, the repeatable and accurate clamping force is secured as long as the click is heard. It is precise, reliable and helpful to deliver high quality implant component with precision to our worldwide customers.”

Afterward, we are successful to introduce this application to other countries as well.

More product info, please contact us : sloky@jimmore.com.tw

Application :
  • Application Case: Tooth mold clamping
  • Adapter diameter : Ø12mm
  • Torque range : 0.3Nm
  • Assembled screw type : H2.0
  • Connecting and driving part : DIN 3126 1/4” HEX
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