Pro Station Torque Screwdriver Set
Features :
All-in-One Tool for Professional Using. 

Most integrated Torque Screwdriver set; 3 types of handles, 8 preset torque adapters covering torque range from 0.6Nm to 5.5Nm and 22pcs of 50mm bits (TX / IP / HX)

Best choice for workshop tool.
Ideal for CNC cutting tool of machining, turning, and milling applications.

• Torque remains the same value once reach the demand torque.
• A "Click" sound when the demand torque is reached.
• Fasten and loosen by SAME tool.
• 30% Higher torque for loosening.
  • Specification
  • Accessories
Pro Station torque screwdriver set for TORX®, TORX PLUS® and Hexagon
  • Tool stand x 1, Handle x 3, Torque Adapter x 8.
  • 50mm TORX® Bits x 8 + 50mm, TORX PLUS® Bits x 8 + 50mm and Hexagon Bits x 6.
  • Net weight: 1600g.

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  Parts No. Handle Adapter TORX Bits TORX Plus Bits Hexagon Bits
0-TPK26-PR-22K TPK-H02-B red 0.6 Nm TX6 6IP H1.5
brown 0.9 Nm TX7 7IP  -
green 1.2 Nm TX8 8IP H2.0
TPK-H01-B yellow 1.4 Nm TX9 9IP  -
blue 2.0 Nm TX10 10IP  H2.5 
gray 3.0 Nm TX15 15IP  H3.0 
TPK-H03-B gray 5.0 Nm TX20 20IP H4
gray 5.5 Nm TX25 25IP H5
TORX® and TORX PLUS® are registered trademarks of Acument global technologies LLC.
Tool Stand
Parts No.: 0-TPK26-PR
    Features :
  • For all Sloky torque tools.
  • Made of Aluminum Alloy, Sliver Coating.
  • Net weight: 1000g

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