Power Tool Torque Adapter
More and more screw connections in service and industry have to be tightened to a prescribed torque. Only the exact torque guarantees a secure fastening as well as a fast and easy loosening.

This special torque adapter is designed for power tool. The torque range is from 2.0Nm to 5.0Nm and suitable for DIN3126 E6.3 bits. It can apply on electric screwdriver with the speed limit is under 250 r.p.m. which make works to be done faster, easier and precision. It is an ideal for mass tightening jobs, e.g. fixture, assembly, cutter, etc.
  • E6.3
E6.3 Torque Adapter
For Connecting Part: DIN 3126 1/4" Hex Drive
  • Click sound;
  • Reversible system
  • Torque accuracy:±10%
  • Speed limits below 250r.p.m.
Sloky_Power Tool torque adapter_PT
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  Parts No. Nm Kgfcm Inlb
blue0-TPK-PTEQ-6.3-2.0 2.0 20.4 17.7
blue0-TPK-PTEQ-6.3-3.0 3.0 30.6 26.6
blue0-TPK-PTEQ-6.3-4.5 4.5 45.9 39.8
blue0-TPK-PTEQ-6.3-5.0 5.0 51.0 44.3
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