Smart Kit Adjustable Torque Screwdriver Set
Features :
Cover the smallest 0.6Nm to biggest 5.5Nm adapters with one universal handle.

Specially customizied universal handle with 6 adjustable torque adapters (0.6 ~ 5.5Nm) and 6 pcs of 25mm Torx bits. It's a multi set for operator to have in the field jobs.
  • TORX ®
Smart Kit Torque Screwdriver
Smart Kit Torque Screwdriver for TORX®
  • Case x 1, Handle x 1, Torque Adapter x 6, 25mm Bits x 6.
  • Net weight: 290g

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  Parts No. Handle Driver Size Nm Kgfcm ln-lb 25mm Metric Screw
0-TPK01-99-06K TPK-H01 redTX6 0.6 6.1 5.3 1pc M1.8/M2
TPK-H01 coffeeTX7 0.9 9.2 8.0 1pc M2/M2.2
TPK-H01 greenTX8 1.2 12.0 10.6 1pc M2.2/M2.5
TPK-H01 yellowTX9 2.0 20.4 17.7 1pc M3/M3.5
TPK-H01 blueTX15 3.0 30.6 26.6 1pc M3.5/M4
TPK-H01 grayTX20 5.5 56.1 48.7 1pc M5/M5.5
TORX® and TORX PLUS® are registered trademarks of Acument global technologies LLC.
note This product is only suitable for manual operation. Do not apply with other electric tools or power tools.
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